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At Little Apple Pilates Studio, we are passionate about providing innovative fitness options to enhance your health and wellness journey, led by expert instructors.

Welcome To Little Apple Pilates

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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

Meet our talented instructors! Get to know them better - their backgrounds, expertise, and motivations for helping you achieve your fitness goals!

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Need help toning your glutes? Giving it your all at the gym but not seeing progress? We've got your back! Check out our shop for our exclusive booty bands and an InBody scan that will reveal all the changes taking place inside your body!

Booty Bands, InBody Scans,

And More!

Upcoming Events

Myofascial Release Class

Saturday,   March 4th 9:30-10:30am

Learn how to do muscle maintenance. In this workshop we will use foam roller, tennis balls and go over how to maintain a feeling good stature.


Low Back Pain Workshop

Saturday, March 25th


This is a 2 hour workshop. The first part is a lecture talking about different common back pain pathologies. Then we will talk about ways to manage them. Following a small and simple Pilates mat class to practice the techniques.


Glow Yoga

Come to see the art work at SNW Galleries and apply some glow paint. Watch the paintings change under the glow light as you flow through a unique yoga experience, while your body glows in the darkness.

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Friday & Saturday, April 14th & 15th


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