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Want to take a class for credit at K-State? 

At Little Apple Pilates Co, we are committed to offering a unique chance to learn fitness alternatives typically only found in large cities. We offer a wide range of options and hold small classes with experienced instructors. We'll educate you on proper biomechanics and provide lifelong strategies for a healthy lifestyle and ergonomics. Come and bring a friend for a boost in both your GPA and your physical and mental wellness.

Woman in a sports bra and shorts laying on a wood floor, raising one leg for a workout.
Want to take a class?
Class Schedule

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How to Enroll

How to Enroll


Head to the UFM website and check out the classes located at Little Apple Pilates Co. Our classes will be under the "Lifetime Fitness" and "Mind and Body" sections. 


Once you've decided which class to take, write down or copy the class number and head over to KSIS. 

Screenshot from with an arrow pointing to the highlight numbers "14045," which shows the class number.


Login to KSIS and click "Student Center." Then click "Enrollment Shopping Cart" and enter your class number. Click "Enter."


Click "Next," and you're all set! If you have any issues, let us or your advisor know. 

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