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A blue sky featuring a wide shot of a woman doing  a handstand


Pilates Mat

Pilates classes build overall body strength, flexibility, and create lean muscle tone. The majority of workouts are done lying down. 

We use foam rollers, magic circles, Pilates mats and lay down the majority of the class!  All stages and ages welcome. 


Originally created by a Navy seal.  We find its utilization to be very ergonomic and provide an intense and low impact modular to sharpen the mind with movement.

Pilates reformer

Pilates Reformers are for beginners and advanced movers alike.  The machine can look daunting to newbies but has a gentle glide and comfort unlike any fitness you've experienced.  Also great to help mitigate those with chronic pain issues all the way up to high functioning athletes.

Dance Fitness

No pain no gain is so old school.  If you are not enjoying yourself you probably wont be back.  Dance Fitness is a fun way to workout and raise your heart rate.

cardio Reformer

This is a unique class we offer on the reformer. This includes some jumpboard or trampolines at the base of the reformer.  You lay down the whole time and jump as if you were jumping on a trampoline but with fitness cues.  This allows you to maximize safety while working on your heart health.

Kukuwa African Dance

Kukuwa is an amazing dance art brought from the East Coast by our very own Vivian.  She brings a cultural flavor with a fun and high intensity dance with passion. 

Bungee Fitness

Bungee fitness has been seen on social media platforms.  We love letting people hang out and have fun.  It is low impact cardio dance class.  Do be aware that you wear a rock climbing harness that is pretty intense around the pelvis since all of your body weight is around your underwear line.  Bring water and take pictures.

Aerial Lyra

The third class we have in our aerial arts includes the aerial hoop also known as a lyra.  The lyra is a metal bar formed in the shape of a ring.  Many love it!  We recommend this for beginners and aerial enthusiasts alike.  We dance with extreme vogue and circus poses.

Aerial hammock

We love swinging indoors with our friends. Aerial hammock is a great option for beginners.  The completed loop at the bottom makes it ideal to gain the upper body strength for other aerial endeavors as you advance.  This is good for your back health, artistic well being and a version of play adults don't always have access too.  You will build so much trust in you.

Barre Fitness

Barre was originally made for dancers.  Barre fitness is a delicate blend of dance techniques with fitness ideologies.  The emphasis include strong and lean legs, strong glutes, good posture, toned arms with a rhythmic and dance nature. You do not have to be a dancer to enjoy. 

Aerial Silks

Aerial silks is the beautiful origin of aerial artistry.  This is often where people want to begin and totally can.  We have beginner classes that start you on the ground then up to a foot off the ground.  As you advance on techniques we play in circus tricks higher off the ground at your own personal level.  We encourage you to grow and play as you stay active.


Yoga is a beautiful option we offer at Little Apple Pilates to help with nervous system regulation, mental wellness, inner calm, of course a stretching element and a flow.  We can make this a challenging workout or a calm and peaceful one.  This allows you to get your needs met.


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