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Welcome to Little Apple Pilates Co., a friendly fitness boutique in the heart of Manhattan, Kansas. We cater to a diverse range of people, including Kansas State University students, athletes, professors, military residents, housewives, working professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and more. Our instructors take a personalized approach and strive to get to know you on a first-name basis to create a customized workout that meets your individual needs and goals.

While many gyms in the area only offer limited fitness options, we provide a wide range of options, including Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Aerial Hammocks, Aerial Silks, Lyra, Dance Cardio Fitness, Bungee Fitness, Trampoline, TRX Classes, Barre Intensity, and more.

We understand that people are more likely to stick to a workout routine when they feel heard, understood, and motivated. That's why we're committed to providing a supportive, welcoming environment. We can't wait to meet you and help you achieve your fitness goals!

Our Mission: 

To be a uniquely placed modern fitness boutique designed to offer educated, fun, unique and ergonomic wellness options for those who are craving specialized training.

Our Vision: 
To provide mental and physical wellness to the community in a safe atmosphere while making an impact locally, physically and mentally



Hilary Santana is the owner and curator of Little Apple Pilates. Hilary grew up in Topeka, Kansas.   She attended Kansas State University and was an avid part of the Kansas State University Marching Band while going to school for Kinesiology.  Her passion came from living in the Midwest and having access to only traditional fitness such as lifting weights, running and Yoga.  Those were her passion and she went full force.  Her body never seemed to shape or act quite right so she believed she wasn't giving it her all.  So she worked harder and almost pushed herself into an injury. She did find a great workout in Marching Band as a color guard member and instructor.  It was art.  The idea of performing never left her spirit. 


In college she was working her way as a premed student to go to grad school to become a Physical Therapist.  A close friends parent from her high school reached out and offered the opportunity to intern as a Pilates teacher.  Hilary initially snuffed the idea until she was pressured into trying it.  This changed her life.  She was able to reverse the knee pain she had just began getting at the age of 23 as a runner and weightlifter. 


  The thing she was resistant to unlocked unlimited potential to the knowledge of biomechanics and muscle activation.  She had learned concepts in college but never had a place to apply it in a fun and complete format.  She fell in love with alternative ways to workout such as Barre, Aerial, trampoline, Dance Fitness, Burlesque and thought wow, this is sustainable for me to care about and show up.  I am pulled to love this.  She has since then traveled and lived in Costa Rica and New York City.  Once her and her husband found out they were expecting she came back home and opened up an alternative fitness boutique here in Manhattan, KS. 

The idea was, she could give to the community what she was missing all those years ago.  There are parts of movement that cannot be understood only by picking up heavy things correctly, running or Yoga.  There's a diversity in the collective movement that the body needs. 

From there she found other like minded movers and the business continues to thrive on community and healthy functional movement. 



What should I bring to class?

Bring a mat and a water bottle if you'd like one. If you don't have a mat, no worries! We have plenty you can borrow. 

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! We like wearing clothes that you can move around in, like leggings, sports bras, tank tops, etc. 

What if I'm new to a certain kind of class? Will I be the only one doesn't know what I'm doing?

We have a variety of classes that match all skill levels. We teach each class to the lowest skill level, and we'll work with you as you progress. We'll customize the instruction to the needs of each person. We love to see you try something new, and we're here to help you learn. 

How early should I arrive?

Arriving 5 minutes early should be plenty.  We are a small studio so we do not have a waiting area that is ideal. 

Where should I park? 

We're located right next to Wine Dive, so you can park on the street on Poyntz or in the parking lot behind AJ's Pizzeria. 

What is the schedule like?

We are open 7 days a week. Our hours fluctuate based on demand.  Please see our app for the latest scheduling.  We are a small boutique fitness studio.  If you have desires or preferences, please send us your scheduling inquiries at  We do close for big holidays or staff illness.  We will adjust MindBody's schedule in accordance first.  We will do announcements on our Instagram and Facebook page. 

Staff Leadership

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